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Septic Riser Install

What is a septic riser?

For septic systems there aren’t that many options to consider. When it goes in the ground you don’t really think about it again, until there is a problem. There are adjustments you can make after the fact though. One of these is a septic riser, this is a round piece of plastic that is installed in the ground, above the lid to give you an access point to your septic that is above grade. This allows you to get quick easy access at any time of year.

Why should you install a septic riser?

While plumbing code now states that a septic tank must be no more than 30 cm underground, this was not a rule that was in place a few years ago. These older tanks could be multiple feet underground which makes it hard to get to. This can be a problem when you are dealing with a septic back-up in the middle of winter, if your tank is too far down then you may not even be able to get to it until the ground thaws. It is also much easier to have the tank pumped out when you need it done. No digging necessary.

A septic system you can really get in to

This recent project brought us to a small town outside of Belleville, just an hour east of Port Hope. The customer needed a septic inspection done due to the weeping bed not draining. We had to dig down several feet to perform the inspection. After the inspection we determined that there was a significant amount of debris build-up along the bottom of the pipes. We provided a quote to fix this problem by performing a hydroflush. We also included in the quote to install a septic riser so that they didn’t need to dig down 3 feet every time they had a problem or needed to get their septic system pumped. Here is what we did:

  • Excavated the septic bed to reach the header
  • Removed the header of the septic tank
  • Hydroflushed all the runs of the septic system
  • Used a camera to inspect each run and ensured the hydroflush was effective
  • Re-installed the header using all necessary gravel and backfill
  • Installed risers on the septic tank
  • Put on new lid and flanges

Our customer was left with a properly functioning septic tank and they could now have easy access to it in the future. If you have any questions related to your septic system or to get a new one installed, please feel free to give us a call. Our knowledgeable team would be happy to help.

Septic riser

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