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Why you should convert to propane heating

In our lives it is so important to look at ways we can help make a positive impact on the environment; even small changes can make a big difference. One of these small changes can be done right now in your own home. If you have an oil boiler you should consider whether or not you should convert to propane heating. Oil heating systems have a much larger impact on the environment than you would expect. Converting to propane heating is an easy job that can have a positive impact.


Efficiency of propane heating 

When you are running your oil heating system you are only getting about 60 cents for every dollar that you spend going into heating your home. The other 40 cents are going straight outside through your exhaust. This means that you end up running it for longer periods to heat your house, using more fuel and putting out more emissions. If you were to convert to a cleaner burning propane heating alternative, you would drastically improve your heating efficiency, resulting in both lower energy bills and greenhouse gas emissions.


Propane heating eliminates oil leaks 

Another thing to consider when talking about the environment and your oil heating system is an oil leak. An oil tank that develops a hole in it can be a really big problem. A tiny hole that is not even noticeable to anyone can leak hundreds, or even thousands of liters of oil over time. These leaks can go undetected for a very long period since homeowners are not going and looking at their oil tanks every day. The ramifications to this can be devastating to the nature and wildlife around it. Even drinking water could be contaminated and can take quite some time to clean up. You wouldn’t need to worry about leaking propane everywhere if you were to convert to propane heating.

All in all, oil heating is not the “greenest” option and it may be time to consider converting to propane heating or one of the other options available to you.

Converting to propane and helping the environment


A recent project brought us to the town of Bowmanville, just a short drive from the larger city of Oshawa, Ontario. Our customer had an oil boiler system and they were looking at potentially converting to propane heating. One of our technicians went to discuss what their heating options would be. It was suggested they install a propane Instinct Combi boiler. This would allow them to convert to propane heating from oil, plus this would also take care of their hot water needs. They accepted the quote and after the homeowner arranged to have their oil tanks emptied, we got right to work! Here is what we did:

  • Removed old boiler system
  • Put up checker plate where equipment will go
  • Installed all necessary gas lines and piping from boiler and onto checker plate
  • Run a new gas line to newly installed propane tanks
  • Installed a condensate pump and a Tekmar pump control
  • Also installed a Magna clean filter on the hydronic system
  • Connected the power to the new boiler
  • Started up and tested

Another happy customer! If you are considering a change and want to convert to propane heating give us a call for a free quote. Also, if you are in need of a heating company in Bowmanville, or any of our other surrounding areas, call Doyle Home Services.

Convert to propane

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