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Replacing a Cracked Heat Exchanger in Peterborough

The heat exchanger is the most important part of the heating system. Without a properly working heat exchanger, your heating system will not be able to heat and it could even be dangerous. Over time the heat exchanger can break down and will need to be replaced. This is due to normal wear and tear, but you can prolong the life of your heat exchanger by getting an annual maintenance done on your heating system. We’ve come across several cracked heat exchangers in Peterborough over the years, and in our other service areas as well. As a result, our technicians have the experience to help diagnose heat exchanger problems and how to help avoid some of these problems in the future.

How does a heat exchanger work?

The heat exchanger transfers heat from the fuel source to the air that circulates through your home. Flue gas, which is the hot gas that is created when natural gas or propane is burned, flows through the heat exchanger transferring its heat to the metal tubes that make up this part. Air from your home is then pulled into the furnace and passes over the hot metal tubes transferring the heat from the tubes to the air passing over it. and this is the hot air that heats your home. This would be the most crucial part of your heating system. It is no wonder that if you have a cracked heat exchanger, you will not have any heat.

How can I tell if my heat exchanger is cracked?

There are two things we recommend keeping a look out for: 1) if your furnace or boiler is not heating sufficiently then you may have a heat exchanger issue or 2) if you have a carbon monoxide detector in the vicinity that is going off then you also may have a cracked heat exchanger. As we stated earlier, the heat exchanger is an integral part of the heating system so without it the system will not work properly. The reason this can be so dangerous is, when you have a cracked heat exchanger the flue gas, also called combustion gas, can escape from the metal tubes and release carbon monoxide into your home. This is why we recommend having a carbon monoxide detector near your system.

What to do if you have a cracked heat exchanger?

The only option if your furnace or boiler is not working is to call a trained HVAC technician. Only professionals with the right licenses and specialized equipment should be inspecting any gas equipment as you are dealing with potentially dangerous substances. Whether using propane or natural gas, both of these can be dangerous if the person touching the equipment is not familiar with how to safely handle it, or doesn’t have the proper detection devices to diagnose a potential problem. Your heating experts at Doyle Home Services have replaced several heat exchangers in Peterborough, and all our other service areas, so they have the expertise necessary to deal with any possible challenges.

Cracked Heat Exchanger Peterborough

A Cracked Heat Exchanger in Peterborough

We were recently called to a home in Peterborough, Ontario, just outside of the Kawartha Lakes area to inspect a Triangle Tube combi boiler system that was not producing any heat. Upon arrival we inspected the boiler system by taking apart the unit. After a thorough inspection we determined that there was a cracked heat exchanger for this Peterborough customer and it would need to be replaced. Here is what we did:

  • Turned power off to the unit
  • Took the cover off the boiler system
  • Took out the old heat exchanger
  • Cleaned up the area inside the boiler
  • Installed the new heat exchanger
  • Put cover back on the boiler system

The boiler was then able to function properly and safely. As a bonus, this Peterborough customer’s cracked heat exchanger was still covered under the manufacturer’s parts warranty and was replaced for simply the cost of labour. If you suspect you could have a cracked heat exchanger, do not waste any time in calling a heat expert. If you have a cracked heat exchanger in Peterborough, or any of our other service areas, call Doyle Home Services so we can help get your system heating safely again.

Cracked Heat Exchanger Peterborough

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