Do your drains seem to be working much slower than in the past? Perhaps they are not draining at all?  Are you noticing offensive odours near your drains, or perhaps they are making gurgling sounds?

These can all be signs of clogged or blocked drains – whether in your kitchen, your bathrooms, or even your main drains. Aside from being annoying, drain problems can be devastating as you risk significant damage if they back up.

The best solution is to have your drain problems professionally inspected and fixed by licensed plumbers. A camera inspection can see problems before they become an issue. At Doyle Plumbing and Heating, we offer complete drain unclogging and maintenance services. Our staff are available 24/7 and we never charge extra for weekends and after-hour calls. We’ll get to the bottom of your drain problem and resolve it – fast.  From unclogging and flushing to sending a camera unit down the pipes to ensure the issues are fixed, we’re experts when it comes to fixing drains.

Sink Drain after drain cleaning

Why Do Drains Clog?

Drains clog for a number of reasons, depending upon their location. In Bathrooms, accumulated materials including toothpaste, soap, hair, cosmetics and toilet paper can plug or slow draining. In kitchens, clogged drains can result from build ups of grease, fat, soaps, detergent and food material. Off-the-shelf consumer drain cleaning products can actually make these conditions worsen over time. They crystallize the blockage materials along the inside of pipes, resulting in a worsening of the condition. And they are not a good choice for those on septic systems as they kill the biological organisms needed for a healthy system.

Main Drains

Main drain blockages can be more complicated and include the possibility of plugged or broken pipes. There can be many causes – from tree roots and blocking materials to mechanical damage and age of your system. Regardless, we’ve got the experience and equipment to fix your clogged main drain.

We also offer Commercial Drain Cleaning and Maintenance services including servicing grease traps.

Call Doyle Plumbing and Heating – we’ll solve your problem, and your drains unclogged.