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Water Treatment System Install in Lakefield

The importance of having a water treatment system

When you live in a rural area, chances are you rely on well water. For those of you that have never dealt with one before, it isn’t quite as simple as “not having to pay for water”. While it is true that you don’t pay for the water as it comes out of the tap like when you are on city water, it does require a bit of a financial investment to ensure what you are drinking is safe. Most people will test the water either before buying the house or before moving in so you know what you will be dealing with. The majority of well water requires some kind of water treatment system to ensure your drinking water is safe, and almost as important, tastes good.

Important things to check for in your well water

  1. Sediment and particulate matter in the water. A filtration system will be necessary to remove these contaminants.
  2. Bacteria levels and volatile organic compounds in your well water. Depending on the results, this will require both a UV light and active carbon filter solution.
  3. Levels of calcium and magnesium, the minerals responsible for “hard water”. The removal of these minerals requires a water softener.
  4. The levels of iron and sulfur. If these levels are too high, you will need a sanitizer to pull them out of the water.

Who knew how you “treated” your water mattered so much?

Today’s project brought us to the town of Lakefield, just 15 minutes North of Peterborough. Our customer was experiencing a slight smell of rotten eggs in their water, an issue with their pump leaking as well as two softener systems that were not taking care of the hard water problem. They did the right thing and called the experts at Doyle. We found their pump needed to be replaced, we also suggested they replace the two softener systems with a new sanitizer. We even noticed that the equipment was spread out in different spots of the basement, so we proposed that we put it all together in the corner to allow them more usable space. After explaining to our customer their options, they decided to replace it all. We put in a new Viqua Sanitizer, new well jet pump and a Viqua UV filtration system. Here is what we did:

  • Turned off water and disconnected power to existing units
  • Disconnected from water lines and removed existing water softener unit, pressure tank and pump
  • Brought pipes and water lines over to one corner of the room so we could connect it all in one spot
  • Installed jet pump by hooking it up to existing water line and connecting to power
  • Hooked up Viqua water sanitizer to the water line and power
  • Installed the UV filtration system and connected to the water line and power
  • Turned everything on and tested to ensure it was working correctly

Now they have clean, normal smelling water. They also have more useable space in their basement, since we were able to move the whole water treatment system to the corner of the room. If you are interested in learning about your water treatment systems please call us for your free quote.

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Thanks so much for sending Jason and Dan for this task. Both were capable and courteous and completed the job in short order.

— Al, Peterborough, ON


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— Mac & Diane, Peterborough, ON


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AMAZING service… Starting with the first visit when the quote was provided to the QUICK follow up and scheduling of my appointment. Great work.

— Jeffery, Oshawa, ON

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