cottage in fallPeterborough, Kawartha, and Haliburton’s Cottage Maintenance Experts

Whether your cottage is located in the Greater Peterborough, Kawartha, or Haliburton areas, our licensed service technicians have been trained to properly open and close your cottage. Come spring, your cottage will be ready and waiting for your enjoyment. And as the cold weather creeps in, our service technicians will flush and winterize your plumbing, equipment, and appliances. Don’t worry about your cottages plumbing and equipment, that’s our job!


Seasonal Cottage Closing Service Includes:

  • Complete drain of all water from plumbing system (pump and lines, wells, traps)
  • Winterize and drain necessary appliances (fridges, freezer, ice makers, dishwashers, toilets, etc.)
  • Pressure tank, hot water tank, and line will be serviced and treated
  • Flush and winterize entire plumbing system with antifreeze


Seasonal Cottage Opening Services Includes:

  • Flush plumbing system in the spring
  • Prime all water systems
  • Inspect and maintain water pump and foot valve
  • Prepare all plumbing, appliances, and water purification systems for usage