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Are you planning to put in a new heating system? If so, it could help if you get an opinion from a specially trained professional before choosing what route to take. They have enough knowledge of all the products available to be able to tell you the right choice. Each home is different, so it would stand to reason that their heating needs are different too. Our team of HVAC technicians is sure to be able to help find you the right solutions for your home. While forced-air has its upsides, it does also have some drawbacks depending on individual situations and preferences. One of these drawbacks is recycling the same air throughout the house. This can exacerbate problems for people with severe allergies or sensitivities to the air around them. While there are supplementary products you can buy for your forced air furnace that help with air quality, another option is to consider alternative heating sources, like a boiler system, also known as hydronic heating. If you are not familiar with hydronic heating, we have a blog post here. You can read it if you would like to learn a little more. Another benefit to having a boiler system installed is that you have the option to heat both your home and water with the same piece of equipment.

A new boiler system and hot water tank all-in-one

This job brought us to the town of Minden, just a half-hour southwest of Haliburton. Originally, we got called because the customer wanted a quote on a new heating system, specifically a propane furnace. While talking to the homeowners the technician discovered that they were sensitive to smells. Forced-air furnaces are not ideal for people who have this issue. After talking over all the options, it made more sense to go with installing a boiler system, also known as a hydronic heating system. After we had given them a quote, their hot water tank had stopped working. It then made sense for us to install a combi system. A combi system acts as both a home heating source and a way to heat your water all in one. They also wanted us to help them get more heat going throughout their entire home. So, we put in 5 more radiators to help get them more heat. Here’s what we did:

  • Disconnected and removed the old propane heating system
  • Installed new 3” venting from the boiler to outside
  • Put in all required piping for the system
  • Installed new Triangle Tube Combi 155 boiler system and connected new piping
  • Installed 5 additional radiators throughout the house.
  • Fully tested both the operation and the performance of the system
  • Checked for leaks and carbon monoxide. Found no leaks or carbon monoxide anywhere.

Then they had a new system to both heat their home and their water, fully meeting their needs. The combi boiler system was a better fit for this customer. If you are interested in finding out what heating system we would recommend for you, feel free to give us a call for your free quote.

Boiler Replacement Port Hope

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Thanks so much for sending Jason and Dan for this task. Both were capable and courteous and completed the job in short order.

— Al, Peterborough, ON


Just wanted to let you know that Kirk was at my home to correct a glitch with our tankless water heater - gotta' say, couldn't be happier.

— Mac & Diane, Peterborough, ON


Doyle sent two plumbers to my house to fix a leak in my kitchen. The best work I’ve ever seen, professional and courteous.

— Charles, Durham, ON


We had Doyle’s come to fix our furnace. The office staff are great, the guys work long hours so people like us have heat and don’t freeze!

— Debbie, Peterborough, ON


I’ve struggled with my air conditioning unit at my business for 5 years. The guys at Doyle were helpful and brainstormed several solutions. In the end, they fixed it!

— Becki, Cobourg, ON


AMAZING service… Starting with the first visit when the quote was provided to the QUICK follow up and scheduling of my appointment. Great work.

— Jeffery, Oshawa, ON

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