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Mitsubishi ductless heat pump

We're here to ductless heat pump you up!

If you're in the market for a new air conditioner, then a ductless heat pump just might be the solution you didn't even know was out there. In the most simplistic terms, a heat pump is a device that removes heat from one area and moves it to another. When it comes to home comfort, this means that in the summer months, a heat pump will remove the heat from inside of your home and expel it outdoors. In the winter months, the heat pump will reverse operations and remove heat from outside and place it indoors (yes, this process works in the winter, there's heat out there believe it or not).

From a cooling perspective, the heat pump is all you need, it will provide ample cooling just like a central air conditioning system. The beauty of our ductless systems is that you also don't need to have any ductwork to get that same comfort level. Now, when it comes to heating your home, you will need a little help. Sure, the heat pump will definitely act as a source of heat, however, on really cold days, your existing heating equipment (furnace, boiler, etc.) will need to kick in to get you over the hump. The good news is, the setup is most likely much more efficient than what you would have had in place previously so you're saving money.

Can you hear that heat pumping? If you can't, then it must be a Mitsubishi (they're super quiet)

Today's project took place in Buckhorn, ON, in a beautiful lakeside community around 40min north of Peterborough. We installed a brand new Mistubishi ductless heat pump and added a little landscaping flare. Let's walk through the broad strokes of the job:

  • We started by creating a custom base that included decorative logs encasing 1/2" clear gravel capped by patio stones.
  • The custom stand and outdoor compressor unit was then set into place.
  • We installed a new service disconnect boxed and wired it to the interior electrical pannel and new breaker.
  • A new lineset was then run from the outdoor compressor to the interior of the home.
  • Time to get started on the indoor wall-mounted unit. The new lineset was connected to the unit, as well as electrical and then mounted on the wall, just below the ceiling.
  • Heading back outside, we then connected the electrical to the outdoor compressor.
  • Finally, we cycled the system on and charged the unit to the appropriate refrigerant levels.

Ready for summer, ready for winter, ready for energy savings. If you're thinking about acquiring a ductless heat pump, contact us today for a free estimate.

Mitsubishi ductless heat pump

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