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Moving to a rural area from the city is a big change. There are many upsides, you have lots of space and privacy on your property, the scenery is beautiful, and the people seem so peaceful and friendly. It isn’t, however, without its challenges, like there being fewer restaurants to choose from, you have to drive to get to most stores and there are a whole bunch of new things you never had to think about before. One of the biggest challenges for homeowners that are new to rural living is how to heat their homes. Living in a city in Ontario usually means access to natural gas to heat the home. It wouldn’t even be a consideration to choose something else. In contrast, for rural parts of Ontario, like Minden, heat pumps are the best option. This is because access to natural gas isn’t usually available, you would either need to get propane or oil stored on your property, or make use of electricity. Heat pumps are electric heating systems, that are effective, but also the better choice to reduce your impact on the environment. Propane and oil are carbon fuels, which everyone is being more mindful of as climate change is on more people’s minds. For people that would like to reduce their negative impact on the environment, heat pumps are a great option. Read our post from earlier this month on reducing your carbon footprint to learn more about it. One of the brands we commonly install, especially in Minden, is the Mitsubishi Zuba heat pump. This company makes reliable and high-quality heat pumps capable of heating your home in temperatures down to -30 degrees Celsius.

The Heat Pump Install

We were called to give a quote on a new heating system for our customer that was new to living in the country. They bought a home in Minden, a rural town north of Kinmount. When they bought their house, they discovered the heating system was very old and needed to be replaced. They wanted to know what options were available to them to heat their home. We offered some details about heat pumps and how they work. We also shared that the government is offering rebates to homeowners for making their homes more energy efficient. Learn more about this here. Our customer in Minden chose the Mitsubishi Zuba heat pump to install in their new country home. We got right to work:

  • First the power was disconnected to ensure there were no safety concerns
  • Then we disconnected the current heating system and removed it
  • Located the best place for the indoor unit where it can connect to the outdoor unit
  • Install the indoor unit by attaching it to the wall
  • Drill holes and run the necessary wires and refrigerant lines from inside the house
  • Put the outdoor unit in place
  • Connect wires coming from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit
  • Connect the new units to power
  • Turn the power back on and test unit

Then our customer had a fully functioning Mitsubishi Zuba heat pump in Minden. If you are interested in installing a Mitsubishi Heat Pump in Minden, or any of our other products or service areas, contact us for a quote.

Mitsubishi Zuba install Minden

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