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New deep well jet pump and pressure tank installation

From the well to the washroom and beyond!

It’s pretty common in our service areas to provide help to customers who get their water from wells. In these scenarios, that usually means that the water is delivered throughout the home with the aid of a jet pump and pressure tank. The pump pulls the water from the well and fills the pressure tank (which is connected to the household plumbing) until a pre-set pressure is achieved. It’s this pressure in the plumbing system that allows water to flow out of the fixtures when opened – pretty simple, right?

New jet pump meets new pressure tank – it’s love at first site

Our latest plumbing adventure brought us just northeast of Peterborough to the beautiful city of Woodview where we encountered a pump and pressure tank combo that had unfortunately reached their retirement age. Our team quickly set into motion and the replacement was on.

  • Old pump removed and replaced with a new ½ horsepower deep well jet pump.
  • Old pressure tank removed and a new tank prepped placed next to the new jet pump.
  • Ran pipe between the pump outlet and tank inlet and installed a tee for connection to the house water system and connecting the water line.
  • Connected the pump to the well supply pipe.
  • Calibrated the pressure settings of the pump and the bladder pressure of the tank to the appropriate level below the cut-in pressure for the pump.
  • Hardwired the pump to the household circuit.
  • Checked the pressure from a household faucet to ensure proper calibration.

And there you have it, another job well done.

Do you have a well and are concerned about the current state of your water system? Give us a call today and let’s get you back to normal operations.

Deep well jet pump and pressure tank

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