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Hydronic heating, also referred to as a boiler system, has been steadily gaining popularity over the last few years, and for good reason. It is an incredibly energy efficient system for heating your home that is not only be good for the environment, but can also help to reduce your heating costs. A Boiler is often thought of as an older and outdated system that nobody uses anymore. This could not be further from the truth. Every day we see more and more interest in this cutting-edge technology and for good reason. While there are many benefits in hydronic heating, the one we will talk about today is the health of you and your family. Forced air heating systems recycle the air in your home, picking up dirt, dust and other allergens along the way and passing it to the air you breath. At a time when we are realizing the importance of air quality, it is enough to make you really think about a hydronic heating alternative. Hydronic heating heats water up and pushes the water through pipes in the floor to create radiant heating. Radiant heat transfer is the delivery of heat directly from the hot surface to the people and objects in the room via infrared radiation. In the case of boiler systems, it involves the transfer of heat from the water heated by the boiler to the pipe or tube that it is flowing through. From the pipe or tube, it then transfers heat to a radiator, floor, wall, the surrounding air or any object that comes in contact with it

Two for the price of one

Our boiler system install took us to the town of Peterborough. The customer had called in because they believed they needed a boiler repair done. Once we arrived, we saw that the boiler was quite old and in poor shape. This led to the technician suggesting that the customer replace the unit rather than try to get it repaired. There was an electric hot water tank in the home as well that had seen better days, it was definitely reaching the end of its life. The solution our technician offered was to install a Triangle Tube Combi Instinct Boiler System, this piece of equipment would take care of both problems. It works as a boiler system, doing in-floor heating and also functions as a hot water tank. Here is what we did:

  • Disconnected and removed old boiler
  • Capped the chimney in the mechanical room
  • Installed new feed and relief valve for the boiler system
  • Installed new expansion tank
  • Removed existing hot water tank
  • Added condensate pump to the drain system and plumbed to house drain
  • Mounted boiler on diamond plate
  • Used type L copper to attach all pieces to the system
  • Once all required parts were attached tested to ensure everything was working properly

The result, another satisfied customer. We were able to find a solution to their boiler issues and get rid of an old hot water tank that would have started to have issues down the road. If you are interested in boiler service or installation feel free to give us a call.

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Thanks so much for sending Jason and Dan for this task. Both were capable and courteous and completed the job in short order.

— Al, Peterborough, ON


Just wanted to let you know that Kirk was at my home to correct a glitch with our tankless water heater - gotta' say, couldn't be happier.

— Mac & Diane, Peterborough, ON


Doyle sent two plumbers to my house to fix a leak in my kitchen. The best work I’ve ever seen, professional and courteous.

— Charles, Durham, ON


We had Doyle’s come to fix our furnace. The office staff are great, the guys work long hours so people like us have heat and don’t freeze!

— Debbie, Peterborough, ON


I’ve struggled with my air conditioning unit at my business for 5 years. The guys at Doyle were helpful and brainstormed several solutions. In the end, they fixed it!

— Becki, Cobourg, ON


AMAZING service… Starting with the first visit when the quote was provided to the QUICK follow up and scheduling of my appointment. Great work.

— Jeffery, Oshawa, ON

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