clogged pipe graphicDrain Cleaning & Drain Pipe Replacement

Drain blockages and problems are not a one-time issue, and shouldn’t be treated as one. Material buildup overtime leads to clogged drains. Some clogs may be isolated to a single sink and can be relatively easy to fix yourself. If you notice an ongoing issue it may be time for a professional. Most homeowners don’t call a licensed plumber until it’s too late and the clog has completely blocked water from draining.  Call Doyle Plumbing for expert plumbing service.

Clogged Drain Repairs & Drain Cleaning

We provide professional drain cleaning and clogged drain repairs for home and business owners in southeastern Ontario. Our plumbers will inspect your drain pipe and use high water pressure (300 psi) hydro flushing equipment to completely unclog and clean the pipe.


The early signs of clogged drains:

  • Water pools around the drain and is very slow to leave
  • The toilet is constantly-running
  • Gurgling sounds frequently coming from the drain
  • The kitchen drain smells of rotting food


Drains & Main Water Lines. excavation for new water supply linesMain Water Supply Pipe Repair & Replacement

The main water line that brings water into your home’s plumbing system is at risk of damage from tree roots, freezing and thawing, mineral build up, general deterioration, and more. These issues can affect water pressure and discolouration.

Excavation & Digging for Pipe Replacement

Many older homes in Ontario were originally built with galvanized or lead plumbing pipes. While the plumbing inside may have been replaced and retrofitted, the main water supply pipe could still be galvanized steel which is known to corrode and restrict water flow over time. Ignoring these plumbing issues could lead to costly emergencies later on. We own specialized equipment for digging and excavating to safely remove deeply buried plumbing pipes.

If you suspect that your main water supply line needs to be inspected or replaced, contact Doyle Plumbing for a free quote. Our licensed staff have years of experience completing large-scale plumbing and excavating for both commercial and residential properties.


The warning signs of a water supply pipe leak:

  • Low water pressure and next to no pressure with two faucets on
  • Your lawn is wet during dry weather
  • There are worrying new soft patches and depressions in the ground
  • The exterior landscape around your house is constantly damp