septic installOur septic system installation services are fully guaranteed.

Doyle Plumbing’s experienced technicians will deliver quality and efficient service through out every step of the septic installation process. We’ll walk you through your best options and install the septic system accordingly. Installing a well-functioning septic system should be done by a properly trained plumbing technician. At Doyle Plumbing, our plumbers are fully licensed, insured, and dedicated to solving our customers unique plumbing and septic system challenges.


Different factors to consider when installing a new septic system:

  • Septic System Pump: Pumps keep everything flowing smoothly, but turbines are considered a more reliable choice at a higher cost. Not all systems require pumps. Depending on your budget and house hold, we’ll help you make the right choice.
  • Septic System Design: We know the soil and conditions of southeastern Ontario and the GTA. Choosing the right septic system design depends on what type soil you have. Our experienced septic system technicians will recommend the best leaching bed design for your property area.
  • Size of the Septic Tank: To meet Ontario building codes, your septic tank must be sized appropriately compared to the size of your house. The amount of bedrooms, water using features, and square footage of the house will influence the size of your septic tank. Doyle Plumbing’s experts can help you determine what septic tank size will serve your home or cottage best.