septic pump outProlong the Life of Your Septic System With Scheduled Pump Outs

Our experienced and certified septic system technicians educate home and cottage owners in Ontario on how to prolong the life of their septic system. The Ministry of the Environment’s (MOE) general rule is that septic tanks should be inspected regularly and pumped every 3-5 years. For a family of 2-4, a septic system should generally be pumped at least every three years.

Proper maintenance, pump outs, and regular inspections will help you avoid costly septic system repairs down the road.

It’s not only the inner workings of your septic system that rely on proper care and maintenance – the environment, surrounding properties, and your family’s health can all be negatively affected if a septic tank isn’t pumped out when it should. Contact Doyle Plumbing for full septic service and to arrange pump-outs.