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RunTru Air Conditioner vs Trane Air Conditioners

In the HVAC world, the options seem endless with tons of different companies making different types of equipment. Many of these companies actually make various lines of products under different brand names. One of these is Trane. Did you know that, as well as the Trane brand we all know and love, they also manufacture the RunTru line of HVAC systems. RunTru air conditioners and furnaces can be considered their value label. This would be similar to how other companies have a name brand and a generic brand. Mostly the same, but with a few less features and frills.

First, let’s talk about the standard Trane line. The Trane name in HVAC is synonymous with high-quality. Now, especially in the HVAC world, high-quality also means a higher price tag. Trane is known for their reliable equipment; they last a long time and people often experience less problems with them than with their competitors. Not saying things don’t go wrong, but generally speaking, when customers buy Trane products, they don’t need to replace the equipment for a while and they are not, usually, needing a ton of repairs. As a plus, Trane air conditioners have a sleek design, making them look nice outside your home.

RunTru Air Conditioner

RunTru Air Conditioner

RunTru air conditioners are still Trane on the inside, but built with less high end feature options, so they come at a lower price tag. When these systems were added to the Trane product family, it was because they saw a gap in the market for customers who wanted the quality and reliability that Trane offered, but were looking for a more affordable option. By sacrificing some of the more expensive features Trane products offer, homeowners get RunTru products for a lower price while still being made by a trusted, reliable brand.


RunTru Air Conditioner Models

Now that we have talked about these two different lines, lets discuss the various RunTru A/C’s that are available and what makes them different. There are three different models we sell, the A4AC3, A4AC4, and the A4AC5. The main difference in all of these are the SEER rating options. SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The higher the SEER number, the more efficient your system is. The first model we listed is a 13.4 SEER, then moving up to the A4AC4 we have the 14.3 SEER. Lastly, the A4AC5 is a 15.2 SEER. As the SEER rating improves, the price also increases. These also come in various sizes and you would pick the size based on your home’s needs which can be determined with the help of a trusted heating and cooling expert.

RunTru products share the exact same mechanical components as comparable Trane branded units. The price savings come from less non-mechanical additions such as supplemental sound insulators and more basic housing and finish options. Additionally, the RunTru models max out at 15.2 SEER versus Trane models that have options as high as 21.5 SEER and are only available in single speed versions where Trane branded versions are also available in variable speed.

All registered RunTru Air Conditoners come with a 10-year warranty for functional parts. Also, if you choose to have Doyle Home Services install your air conditioner, we offer a 10-year parts and labour warranty. So not only will you not have to pay for parts replacement, Doyle will cover the cost of labour for most part replacements. To learn about what RunTru or Trane system is right for you, contact Doyle’s heating and cooling experts to get you started.

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