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Install of a Trane XR16 Heat Pump in Lindsay

Climate change and greenhouse gas emissions are common topics of conversation due to the growing concern about global warming. This is a problem facing our earth and burning carbon fuels is one of the biggest contributors. The most common way to heat homes is by using oil and gas which are, that’s right, carbon fuels. Did you know there is a way to heat your home and still be mindful of your carbon footprint? Using oil and gas for heating contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, but there is a way to reduce the impact you are having on the environment while still staying warm. The answer is heat pumps! Heat pumps are electric heating systems that can both heat and cool your home effectively and efficiently. If there are small changes we can make in our homes, it is worth looking into because helping our earth is something we can all participate in. The general belief is that electrical heating systems will incur large electric bills, and this was definitely the case with electric furnaces. But, with new technology, this is no longer a concern. Heat pumps are able to heat your home without costing you a small fortune every month. This is because they do not draw the same amount of power as older electric furnaces. Heat pumps are able to use less electricity while doing the same job. Various companies make these pieces of equipment, but one brand we are installing regularly is Trane, specifically the Trane Resolute System. We recently installed one of the Trane XR16 heat pumps in Lindsay. This piece of equipment uses variable speed operation and can heat a home in conditions down to -30C.

The Install

We recently installed a Trane XR16 heat pump for a customer in Lindsay, just a short drive from the cottage town of Bobcaygeon. Our customer wanted to replace their older oil heating system and wanted to know what options were available to them. Seeing as they live in a rural area, the options were limited and they were concerned about the environmental impact their current heating system was having on the environment. They were concerned that an electric system would be too costly on the monthly payments. We discussed with them the benefits of heat pumps and how they work, once they learned about these systems, they selected the Trane XR16. We got to work right away:

  • First the power was disconnected to ensure there were no safety concerns
  • Then we disconnected the electrical furnace and removed it from the house
  • Locate the best place for the indoor unit where it can connect to the outdoor unit
  • Install the indoor unit by attaching it to the wall
  • Drill holes and run the necessary wires from inside the house
  • Put the outdoor unit in place
  • Connect wires coming from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit
  • Connect the new units to power
  • Turn the power back on and test unit
Trane Resolute heat pump installation in Lindsay

Now, these customers have a fully functioning Trane XR16 heat pump. If you are interested in a Trane XR16 or Resolute System heat pump or have questions about our heating systems, call the team at Doyle Home Services and we will find the best option for you.

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Thanks so much for sending Jason and Dan for this task. Both were capable and courteous and completed the job in short order.

— Al, Peterborough, ON


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— Mac & Diane, Peterborough, ON


Doyle sent two plumbers to my house to fix a leak in my kitchen. The best work I’ve ever seen, professional and courteous.

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We had Doyle’s come to fix our furnace. The office staff are great, the guys work long hours so people like us have heat and don’t freeze!

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I’ve struggled with my air conditioning unit at my business for 5 years. The guys at Doyle were helpful and brainstormed several solutions. In the end, they fixed it!

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AMAZING service… Starting with the first visit when the quote was provided to the QUICK follow up and scheduling of my appointment. Great work.

— Jeffery, Oshawa, ON

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