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Install of a Triangle Tube Instinct Combi Boiler in Peterborough

Benefits of Installing a Boiler

1. No more costly repairs

Let’s face it, maintaining an old boiler system is expensive! Putting in a new system gives you a considerable amount of time without expensive repairs. Your older system may seem like it is working just fine, but it is only a matter of time before something big breaks down. Likely, if it is an old boiler system, the repair will not be covered under warranty. The last thing you want to do is fork out thousands on a heating system that may not have much life left in it anyway. Installing a new boiler system before this happens puts you in a good place to install it on your time, when you can afford it. For our many customers throughout Peterborough, we always recommend the Triangle Tube Instinct Combi boiler the best option, they are great quality and are very reliable.

2. Energy Efficient

New boiler systems are built to be as energy efficient as possible, older models do not have this same capability as the technology wasn’t available when the older models were being designed. The Triangle Tube Instinct Combi boiler is an example of a newer make and model that is an energy-efficient boiler heating system. These boilers offer a 95% efficiency rating. Boiler systems lose considerable efficiency around the 10-year mark. If your system is more than 10 years old, you should consider looking at installing the Triangle Tube Instinct Combi boiler.

3. Keeping your Home Safe

When older systems start to fail, these issues can cause dangerous situations. Systems that are not working or have not been taken care of properly can release carbon monoxide gas into your home, which can be fatal. When installing a new boiler system, whether that’s in Peterborough or any city in Ontario for that matter, strict safety codes must be followed, which is why only licensed professionals are qualified to perform the work. These rules are what ensures you and your family are safe. Plus, when a new system is installed the technician on site will perform tests to make sure that no Carbon Monoxide is present. This is also why proper yearly maintenance is important, technicians will perform tests to make sure no carbon monoxide leaks are present and the unit continues to operate safely.

The Install

We recently installed a Triangle Tube Instinct Combi boiler in a home in Peterborough, which is the closest city to our head office in Fraserville, Ontario. Our customer was ready to replace their dated boiler system with a new model. We recommended the Triangle Tube Instinct Combi boiler for them, as it is a reliable and high-quality boiler system with great support from the manufacturer. This particular model takes care of both your heating and water heater needs, two functions from one piece of equipment! Once the proposal was accepted, we got to work.

  • First, the water was shut off and drained from the pipes, and the power was disconnected from the existing unit
  • We then removed the older unit and all piping that needed to be replaced
  • Next, the new unit was put in place
  • Then the new piping was installed and connected to the existing piping that did not need to be replaced
  • This new piping was connected to the boiler
  • Once all connections were made, we were able to turn the power and water back on
  • Tested that the Triangle Tube Instinct Combi boiler was running and there were no leaks
  • Also tested for any carbon monoxide in the house

They officially had a new, functioning boiler system! If you are interested in a Triangle Tube Instinct Combi boiler in Peterborough, or any of our other service areas, feel free to speak to one of our highly trained heating technicians. They can let you know if this is something that can work for your home.

Triangle Tube Instinct Combi Boiler install Peterborough

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