Well Upgrade & Repair Services That Meet All Ministry Of The Environment (MOE) Standards

Are you concerned about your well’s water quality? Experiencing low water pressure?


Doyle Plumbing, Heating & Cooling offers extensive well upgrade and repair services that meet all Ministry of the Environment (MOE) standards. Our licensed and certified experts will diagnose your current water situation and provide clear explanations and pricing for the work at hand. Our staff can test your water on-site for levels of hardness, sulphur, and iron. We’ll also provide emergency water service, so that you have water for your home while we complete our well repair service.


Well Upgrade and Repair Services:

  • Upgrade your well system & pressure tank to increase water pressure
  • Remove old tile casings and fill in with bentonite
  • Fix pump issues or replace the pump
  • Install submersible pumps to provide increased water volume
  • Well system maintenance  and water treatment on a yearly basis
  • Supply, install, and test lake-fed water treatment systems