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What Can You Do If Your Furnace Has No Heat?

Have you ever experienced waking up in the middle of the night to an icy cold house? If not, then count yourself lucky. If you have had this unfortunate experience you know how awful a situation it can be. You would look at the equipment for a while and inevitably call an HVAC company to come and fix your furnace that has no heat coming from it. After calling the company, you are at the mercy of when they can get to you, leaving you cold and worried about how much this repair will cost. But not all is lost! You could potentially solve this problem with just a little bit of investigating. Many common furnace issues can be solved without having a service technician set foot in the house. Keep reading to see what these common furnace issues are.

Check your thermostat batteries.

The first place to start is to put in new thermostat batteries. Many of the calls we get for a customer having no heat is due to the thermostat batteries being dead. Also, when you change the batteries, ensure they have been installed correctly. Once the new batteries are in, try starting up the furnace. Hopefully, the heat kicks on, and you are on your way to a warm house. If not, keep reading and try these other potential solutions.


Is your furnace switch on?

Did you know that there is a switch that turns your furnace on and off? Neither do a lot of people. It should be located near the furnace, looks like a regular light switch and can get accidentally switched off for any number of reasons.  Check around the equipment for a switch and try flicking it to the on position. Once you have done this give the furnace another try. Still cold? On to the next!


Replace your furnace filter.

Another common issue is that the furnace filter is too dirty and needs to be replaced. A furnace filter that has gotten very dirty can choke out the air supply to the furnace. The furnace has a built-in safety that would shut the furnace off if there isn’t enough air flow. Replace the furnace filter regardless of if you can see dirt in it, and then try to start up the furnace again. If you still have no heat, keep reading.


Clear the outside vents from snow blocking them.

If you still aren’t getting the furnace running it is time to get outside and check out those outside vents. Depending on the efficiency of your furnace, you might find an intake and an exhaust protruding from the side of the house. Your furnace has a safety shut-off built-in that shuts it off if anything is blocking these pipes. When there is a snowstorm is probably the most likely time for this to happen and the time you would most want your furnace working. Clear any snow build up from around these vents and then go in and try to see if your hard work has paid off. Furnace still has no heat? Now it is time to call in the big guns.


Time for an expert.

You did your best, but sometimes the problem requires a little more work than these simple fixes. If you do need to call in a licensed technician to fix your furnace call the highly trained HVAC team at Doyle. We will take care of your heating system for you and leave you warm and toasty again.

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